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At Augusta, we have a deep understanding of how to meet the financial challenges of launching and prosecuting claims brought on a collective basis. We are able to offer financial solutions for all types of class actions.

Class actions are a means by which a group combines to bring a single case where the claims arise out of, the same, similar or related circumstances. They are usually brought by a sole representative who brings the proceedings on behalf of all class members. Class actions employ an ‘opt-out’ model. This means that all potential claimants who fall within the definition of the class become members of the class. They will all be bound by the judgment of the Court or any approved settlement unless they opt-out. If a class member chooses to opt-out, they will no longer be bound by the outcome and will be able to pursue whatever claim they may have in separate proceedings.

Any settlement of a class action requires the approval of the Court. The Court will consider whether the proposed settlement is a fair and reasonable compromise of the claims of the class members.

Class Actions – Australia Team

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