Our Environmental Department finances a broad range of environmentally driven actions globally. In conjunction with our Class Actions team, we have the experience to support these claims whether brought on an individual or group basis and to offer claims management expertise. Claims can arise out of toxic torts, including land or water contamination, waste disposal and pollution. Claims can also relate to remediation of contaminated sites, environmental insurance coverage, or arise out of a commercial transaction under environmental indemnities. More generally, climate change litigation is a rapidly growing area.

Environmental cases are complex, lengthy and expensive to run. Many will rely on cutting edge evidence to substantiate the claim for harm. As a market leader funding claims of all sizes in this sector, we are well placed to provide strategic and commercial advantage to clients impacted by environmental issues and to support them and their legal team in securing the right outcome.

Given the crucial role of expert evidence in these cases, our non-recourse early stage funding product can help in the initial diligence by financing the opinion of a suitable expert at the outset.

Environment and Climate Change Team

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