Cases with modest damages on an individual basis can be uneconomical. Litigating as a group, however, provides collective strength in the sharing of knowledge, risks and costs. Efficiencies in the legal process can be achieved by recognition of the common questions of law and fact which prevent repetition of witnesses, experts and issues. This in turn lowers the costs of litigation, which are borne by the group as a whole and shared pari passu. Group actions can be a powerful tool in addressing wrongdoing and bringing justice and resolution to complex or challenging circumstances.

At Augusta, we are known for our knowledge and experience of various group actions, whether they be group litigation orders, representative actions, consolidated actions or test cases. Each should be approached differently – we are happy to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each and advise on the best manner in which cases can be structured.

We also have a deep understanding of how to meet the financial challenges of structuring, launching and supporting these types of claims. We are therefore able to offer financial solutions for all types of group action covering a variety of industries and sectors.

Group Actions Team

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