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We primarily fund cases against financial institutions as well as undertaking risk management for the institutions themselves. Claims often involve regulatory aspects and are based in the UK, Australia and many other jurisdictions.

At Augusta, we use funding to support claimants that have undergone hardship due to the conduct of regulated institutions, as well as assisting with the recovery of monies owed by the institutions while removing non-performing debts from their balance sheet. Claim types include:

  • General banking disputes.
  • Derivatives/SWAPS (e.g. mis-selling and consequential loss claims).
  • Structured product disputes.
  • Consumer Credit Act claims (e.g. unfair relationships and broker commissions).
  • Banking fraud/deliberate concealment claims.

Recent experience

  • SWAPS claims against banks for the mis-selling of embedded interest rate SWAPS.
  • Bulk consumer finance claims against banks.
  • Shareholder claims for fraud on the market arising from a bank’s failure to comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing procedures.

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