Intern Feedback

Johanna Crowther – University of Glasgow – Law LLB – Summer before final year

“I undertook a 3 month internship with Augusta in 2014. The length of the placement was one of the things that really appealed to me, as I knew I would have the opportunity to really get involved with the work of the company and have a rewarding experience.

As a law student, this internship gave me the opportunity to learn more about the legal market and third-party funding, as well as the way litigation works in practice. I found my whole experience incredibly interesting; everyone took the time to help me understand the way the business worked, not only the legal side but the financial and commercial aspects. Being supported, yet still given a lot of responsibility, helped me gain confidence in my ability to work to a high standard in a fast paced environment.

The work I undertook was very varied; I assisted senior analysts in preparing case files, drafted legal documents, created presentations, and attended meetings with insurers. I received positive and constructive feedback upon completion of my internship and feel I gained valuable transferable skills which will aid me in my future career in law.”

Sylvia da Graaf – UCL – Law LLB – Summer after final year

“I was an intern at Augusta Ventures for 3 months and I enjoyed it very much. My main tasks and responsibilities consisted of: managing the firm approval process (this included: contacting law firms, preparing and sending documents to the insurer, etc.), managing the case approval process, uploading documents on the website and making up files, and adding new cases and contacts to the website.

Thanks to the diversity of tasks I was given, I learned a lot about litigation financing. This was interesting especially because it is different from what you learn in the “usual” legal internships. Last but not least, everyone in the office was very friendly and whenever someone asked me to do something new, they would always explain how that particular task was useful in the financing process. That really made me feel part of the team.”

Charlotte Dougall – Yale University – Economics and History

“As an intern at Augusta Ventures, I felt immediately part of the dynamic and dedicated team I was working with. I learnt about the many different aspects of the commercial litigation funding business through working on varied projects across the business. From marketing projects to investment analyses, diligence work to administrative tasks. At Augusta I had the opportunity to learn from and work with almost everyone on the team. I was even able to sit in on a meeting with a new partner law firm, to observe some of the behind-the-scenes workings of Augusta.

For me, what made my experience at Augusta most valuable was the readiness of everyone at the firm to work with me and teach me more about their role. As I analysed legal documents, researched recent trends in the litigation market, or learnt more about the economics of the Augusta model, everyone on the team was there to chat to me about what I was working on. The friendly office atmosphere and approachability of every single person there made my time at Augusta very enjoyable. Moreover, I can now say that I have a very clear understanding of commercial litigation funding, and learned much more about investment and law, which I know will be very valuable to me in the future.”

Hadiah Amirullah – LLB Graduate Queen Mary – currently studying a LLM at Queen Mary, University of London

“The three months I spent as an Augusta intern gave me a valuable insight into the market of litigation funding. Not only have I learnt a great deal about the legal aspects of commercial litigation, I have also developed a greater understanding of the financial and commercial factors that need to be taken into consideration.

During my time at Augusta, I assisted members of the Diligence Team with preparing the legal, budgetary and economic review reports as well as managing the firm and case approval processes. Once a case has been approved for financing, I also assisted the Monitoring Team with the release of funds and the calculation of any necessary budget variations as the case progresses.

My experience at Augusta has been very rewarding. Although I was made responsible for a wide variety of tasks, everyone in the office was always happy to help me with any questions I had. I was also always made to feel a respected and valued member of Augusta’s operations.”