A practical approach
to the costs & risks
of resolving a dispute

We give law firms a competitive edge by offering financial strength and dispute resolution expertise

Diversity is our strength: we consider commercial cases of all sizes

We’ve funded more cases than any other funder in the UK



We have in excess of £60 million of capital for investment in commercial litigation and arbitration. We view disputes as assets and take a flexible approach to providing the funding which best suit your client’s needs.


We are a knowledgeable partner, we understand both the dispute resolution process, and the competitive environment law firms and partners operate in.


Our goal is to create lasting relationships with the lawyers and firms we work with.  Such relationships often lead to cross-referrals, portfolio funding and a faster more transparent process.


We offer a range of tailored trainings to empower you to provide your clients with the most current advice on their finance options. We offer a range of options for fee-earners of all levels of experience/ areas of law.

Our process for lawyers


Step 1
Desktop Diligence Review

Timescale 15 minutes

You… Call our Origination team to speak about your case
or click here to download our questionnaire
  • Evaluate the basic facts & economics
  • Produce an indicative commercial term sheet

Step 2
Selection Criteria

Timescale 1 hour

You... Discuss the term sheet with your client
Answer some initial questions on key points
and send through key documents
  • Review the key documents
  • Request Solicitor/Counsel opinion (where required)

Step 3
Formal Application

Timescale 1 week

  • Complete an in-house legal review of the matter which evaluates the legal merits, the economics and the budget of the matter
  • Prepare a formal application

Step 4
Investment Committee

Timescale Half a day

  • Hold a meeting of our investment committee to approve investments (Weekly)

Step 5
Funds deployed

Timescale 1 week

You… Advise your client on the funding agreement
and execute the finance documents
  • Transfer the requested funds into your client trust account

*NB timings are a guide only and best case – timeline will depend greatly on availability of information

How does the process work?

The Augusta finance application process is transparent and fast, and we will work with you to complete the application so that it has the best chance of being approved for financing.

We start with a light touch diligence review of the matter that can usually be completed in about 30 minutes. This allows us to establish whether we are likely to be able to assist.

  • Economics

We ask for preliminary estimates of the costs and claim value, and then provide you with a financing term sheet.

  • Selection Criteria

These simple yes/no questions allow us to identify and discuss any issues that may make funding problematic.

  • Recoverability/Enforcement

We ask some basic information regarding the opponent’s ability to pay.

If the initial review is positive, then the case has a reasonable chance of being funded and will move through to our diligence team for a detailed review.

Matters that satisfy the detailed review will then be presented to our investment committee for approval.

Once approved, and upon execution of the finance agreement, funds are deployed into the firm’s client trust account.


Latest News

It was particularly important for us to work with a funder who would allow us to get on with the job, without interfering in the management of a case. Augusta made the whole process as straightforward and lawyer friendly as possible.

Douglas Skilton, Partner,
Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP's Dispute Resolution Team

Symbiosis on litigation’s chessboard?

26/07/2017 | admin

It is said that the special forces feel the loss of one of their number even more keenly than the regulars. Selected for skills found nowhere else, there are not that many of them. All know each other and share experiences, triumphs, setbacks and hardships. A demise is like losing…

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Litigation Funding: One plus One can be more than Two

24/07/2017 | admin

Having opened in Australia on 8 May this year Augusta got straight into the business of litigation funding, illustrating how it can support commercial claims with estimated damages of less than $2m. For example, in a recently funded case, the claimant sought to recover unpaid agency commission under an exclusive…

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