Group photo of 16 members of the Augusta staff lined up in Augusta London office with the orange Augusta Logo in the background smiling and posing for picture with the same Augusta branded T-Shirt Back to News

18th June 2019

Well done to the thousands who joined the 10k London Legal Walk yesterday to raise money for the London Legal Support Trust. We look forward to seeing just how much was raised in the coming month and would like to thank those from the Augusta team who made the journey.

Jared Glazier, Oliver Lawson, Joanna Bailie, Yetunde Ogunbiyi, Ehsan Nazir, Gino Murugesan, Karolina Ilieva, Joanna Watts, Jordan Howells, Michael Taggart, Liam Petch, Glyn Rees, Fiona Heyes, Angus Sinclair-Brown, Adam Abbott, Robert Fahrenheim, Alison Hickey, Chantal Asante

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