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Jacqueline Young, Head of Group Litigation, joined Owen Dacey and Richard Cutcher on The Rising Edge D&O’s ‘The Inside Track on Litigation Funding’ podcast.


The topics of discussion surrounded:

  • A deep dive into litigation funding
  • Targeting individual D&O defendants
  • How COVID-19 has impacted the litigation industry it’s exciting future.


Jacqueline comments,


“People used to always think litigation funding was just ‘if you couldn’t afford to bring the case yourself’, but in fact it’s a really useful tool for corporates…to get litigation off your balance books and this is the way to do it and transfer the risk of litigation to someone else.”


She adds,

“Litigation funding is undoubtedly a growth industry. We’re seeing more funders enter the market, specialist litigation funders but also hedge funds, large organisations etc. The recognition that litigation is a valuable asset, that doesn’t follow market trends, generally makes it attractive.”


The full podcast is available to listen via these platforms:

Rising Edge D&O Podcast

Rising Edge is a boutique London-based underwriting agency specialising in directors’ and officers’ liability insurance and risk management.

The Rising Edge D&O Podcast is a series on all things D&O, featuring Rising Edge’s Head of Claims, Owen Dacey, and Richard Cutcher, a well-known voice in the insurance market, as co-host.

This podcast series delves into many thought-provoking and topical issues, such as D&O risk mitigation, ESG, derivative claims, cyber and D&O, and regulatory enforcement.

For more information about any of the topics discussed in the podcast, contact Jacqueline Young or a member of our team of litigation funding experts.

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