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Our popular webinar series continue to attract large audiences to presentations by experienced industry experts.


Webinar 11: 8 October 2020

Everything you Need to Know About Virtual Mediations and More!

Barrister and experienced Mediator, Tony Elder, gave an informative and practical presentation based on his considerable mediation experience with particular reference to virtual mediations which became a necessity during COVID.  His presentation covered:

  • Are virtual mediations the ‘new normal’?
  • How do they work? Pros and cons
  • What do you need to know?

Tony has almost 30 years’ experience as a mediator having mediated well over 1,000 disputes (including property, building, partnership/joint ventures/company ownership disputes and the occasional estate dispute) and appeared in hundreds more.  He is Chair of the Victorian Bar’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and a former board member of LEADR. Tony joined the Bar in 2006, after many years as a solicitor practising in commercial litigation, including a number of years as a partner at Deacons. Tony practises at the Bar, principally as a mediator. He is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and is accredited as an Advanced Mediator of the Victorian Bar.


Webinar 10: 8 September 2020

Infrastructure Projects – Are Cost Overruns Inevitable?

During this informative and popular webinar, Panellists, Kiri Parr, Jacqueline Barker, and David Porter discussed this important subject, addressing key questions such as whether it is about the estimate, procurement strategy, culture or something else entirely? Could AI be at least part of the answer?

Kiri Parr, Director, Kiri Parr Pty Ltd, is an independent consultant specialising in project strategy and procurement. Kiri spent more than 20 years as a construction lawyer, including as Regional General Counsel for Arup up to 2019 and was on the board of Consult Australia for 6 years and was President from 2017 to 2019. Kiri is a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne law school lecturing in the master’s course “Major Projects – the Legal Interfaces”.

Jacqui Barker is an Associate Director at DGA Group, an international construction consultancy providing a range of commercial and planning services. A Chartered Quantity Surveyor by background, Jacqui has worked on a wide range of construction and engineering projects across many sectors for both client and contractor organisations

David Porter, Managing Director, Endeavour Programme, is a project and programme leader with 30 years’ experience in project development and delivery across a wide range of industries. He founded and led a leading Project Management consultancy before establishing Endeavour Programme, which brings world first AI technology to projects, programmes and portfolios to overcome the chronic problem of poor time and cost performance.



Webinar 11: 11 November 2020

Impact of the Amended Phoenix Laws & Creditor-Defeating Disposition

Hannah Griffiths’ and Phoebe Martin’s of Gilchrist Connell very popular and insightful webinar covered the following important topics in the insolvency space:

· Recognising the indicators of phoenix activity;
· Understanding the recent critical legislative changes;
· Understanding of the tools available to insolvency practitioners to recover “creditor-defeating dispositions”; and
· Understanding the consequences of non-compliance with the new legislative reforms.


Hannah Griffiths is a senior corporate lawyer from Gilchrist Connell with particular expertise in corporate insolvency advice, litigation and restructuring as well as construction, corporations and securities, equity and trusts. Hannah has a broad and varied experience in commercial litigation and dispute resolution across Australia. Hannah has acted on behalf of construction companies, insolvency practitioners, large creditor corporations, debt collection agencies and corporate and individual lenders. Hannah holds a Masters in Law at ANU, is a professional member of INSOL International, a professional member of the Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA) and holds an ARITA Advanced Certification (Insolvency) from UTS. Hannah is well regarded by clients at identifying the real issues in dispute and generally legally sound and commercially sensible solutions to meet her clients’ objectives and expectations


Phoebe Martin is a corporate lawyer with expertise in corporate and personal insolvency advice, litigation and restructuring as well as corporations, securities, equity and trusts. Phoebe has a broad experience in commercial litigation and dispute resolution in variety of jurisdictions, acting on behalf of insolvency practitioners, directors, corporations and second tier lenders. In addition to her tertiary qualifications in law, Phoebe holds an ARITA Advanced Certification (Insolvency) from UTS and is an active and engaged member of insolvency industry associations.



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