Our litigation and disputes funding team of over 80 exceptional legal, financial and commercial experts is skilled in finding new ways for clients to realise value from dispute resolution. We are responsive, easy to talk to and dedicated to finding the right litigation funding solutions. We work within four departments – Origination, Diligence, Monitoring and Corporate. The origination team source cases, the diligence team assess cases and the monitoring team oversee cases. Corporate manages finances, human resources and technology.

Have a question about arbitration or litigation funding? Call the UK team on +44 20 3510 0555, speak to our Australian team on +61 2 8311 0555 or our Canadian Team on +1 647 363 5910.

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Looking for a change? Join our collaborative litigation and disputes finance team and work in an exciting new area of law and funding.

Diligence Investment Manager and solicitor David Walker working in Augusta London office boardroom