Emilie is a member of the Origination Team in Toronto. As an Investment Manager, Emilie evaluates the legal and commercial merits of cases to help connect litigants with the funds they need to enforce their rights.

Emilie is particularly focused on Canadian and US class action/mass tort litigation and developing funding solutions that lessen the financial burdens of complex class proceedings. She also works with the UK Structured Projects Team to find ways to use technology and economies of scale to provide consumers with access to justice both within and outside the court system.

Before joining Augusta, Emilie was a lawyer with Siskinds LLP, a top Canadian plaintiff-side class actions firm, where she prosecuted consumer, securities, price-fixing, pharmaceutical, and environmental class actions. Her notable work includes the Volkswagen emissions settlements, the UPS “brokerage fees” litigation, and the appeals concerning misrepresentations in take-over bid circulars, jurisdiction over foreign class members/global class actions, and the application of discoverability to the civil liability provisions of the Canada’s Competition Act.

Emilie has a particular interest in legal innovation. She is a member of the CBA Legal Futures Subcommittee and a co-organiser of the London, Ontario chapter of the Legal Hackers movement. Emilie received her law degree from the University of Toronto, and was admitted to the Ontario bar in 2011. She also holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Library and Information Science from Western University.

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