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What is litigation financing and how does it work?arrow

The use of someone else’s money to finance an asset is as old as business itself.

At Augusta, we believe that your claim is an asset, and we are prepared to provide finance to you and use the claim as the collateral for that finance. In return for doing this, and provided that the claim is successful, we will receive our funds back together with a success fee.

Augusta’s loans are non-recourse - if the claim is not successful you do not repay the finance.

Qualifying for our litigation finance is no different to how a business would qualify for any other loan. You contact us and we will provide a term sheet for the financing. If you are happy with this, we help complete the application which, in effect, is a review of the asset (the claim), and then, if approved, we advance the funds.

Let us know if you have a claim and wish to commence the finance process.

Why would someone use financing for their litigation?arrow

People use finance for litigation when they don’t have the funds to pursue their claim, have the funds but would rather use the cash for other purposes, or they are looking to share or remove the risks associated with the claim.

The essence of litigation finance, however, is to protect yourself against a loss. For example, you could:

Pay legal fees of £150,000 yourself to try and recover £400,000 of damages. If you lose, you have spent £150,000 plus you will pay the other sides costs of, say, £100,000. Your potential loss is £250,000; or

Use litigation finance (in exchange for a success fee) to pay the legal fees of £150,000 to try and recover £400,000. If you lose, you don’t pay the other sides costs and you don’t have to repay the financier. Your potential loss is nil. 

Find out if litigation funding will suit your claim.

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Augusta Litigation Finance for Claimants

To find out about how we can help fund your legal dispute, please watch this short video presentation. We explain our fast and simple application process for non-recourse litigation finance for those who wish to bring commercial claims. 

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