We provide litigation and dispute funding. Our solutions assist companies, individuals, and law firms in managing the cost and risk of litigation. Our funding is non-recourse, which means we fund all, or part, of the costs of a dispute and will only collect a return on our investment in the event of a successful outcome. If the case is lost, the loss is ours alone.

Our win rate of over 66% provides comfort on the merits of your funded claim and in collaboration with your lawyers, assists in the project management of the claim. Augusta’s team of experts will work with you to deliver the most appropriate solution for your specific situation.

Who do we fund?


Financial strength and early-stage funding for litigation and arbitration that provides you with a competitive edge.


Efficient, tailor-made solutions that remove the burden of litigation and disputes from your balance sheet.


Finance and expertise that levels the litigation and arbitration playing field and makes justice more accessible for you.


Our team combines specialist knowledge and experience to successfully work across all practice areas, from class actions to commercial litigation.

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