Whether recruiting recent graduates or experienced professionals, we always look for knowledgeable and passionate people who are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all that they do.

At Augusta, we offer lawyers with exceptional skills and training in dispute resolution the opportunity to expand beyond private practice. Litigation funding incorporates the intellectual challenges of the law and utilises the training gained from private practice to develop into investment professionals.

We provide opportunities for graduates as Investment Associates, who learn to develop their commercial and analytical skills in a rapidly developing area of the legal industry.

Augusta offers experienced Finance professionals the opportunity to utilise their financial expertise in the Litigation funding sector, developing into investment professionals.

As an organisation, we allow for a progressive and flexible work-life balance while providing a rich variety of disputes being considered for funding with the added stimulus of commercial decision-making.

At Augusta, we provide opportunities for graduates to develop their commercial and analytical skills in a rapidly developing area of the legal industry. Graduates can join our team as Investment Associates in the following departments:



The Origination Team is the first point of contact for lawyers, brokers, introducers and claimants who want to explore litigation funding. Investment Associates assist our Investment Managers with preliminary legal and economic due diligence on potential funding opportunities as well as maintaining client relationships and corresponding with lawyers, businesses, individuals and introducers.



Investment Associates assist the Diligence Team to assess the suitability of matters for Augusta’s investment and manage the review of each matter before it is approved for funding. The team is made up of experienced litigation lawyers, paralegals and finance experts who help guide lawyers and claimants through the funding process.



Investment Associates support the Monitoring Team which looks after matters funded by Augusta. The team is made up of experienced litigation lawyers and funding experts, who keep in touch and offer assistance to the legal team and clients throughout the dispute resolution process.

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The Corporate Team is responsible for managing the finances, human resources and technology that are crucial to our success.

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