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The Investment Valuation & Structuring team (“IVS”) is a dedicated team of finance, economics and valuation specialists focused on:

  • running claims that require innovative structuring and pricing solutions for our clients; and
  • assessing quantum and recoverability prospects throughout the investment process.

Investment activities

The IVS team specialises in complex claims which require innovative and bespoke solutions. This encompasses: individual mass consumer claims packaged and structured into single facilities, mass corporate serial claims, portfolio claims, and group actions. All of the structuring solutions provided are scalable and IVS are able to provide solutions for one group action with a book build, all the way up to mass consumer claims with thousands of individual actions packaged up and administrated within one facility.

The IVS team runs books of cases that would not be viable for standalone financing but have sufficient factual similarity to allow for an overarching processing of the claims and provide funding to law firms and claims managers that work on a contingent fee basis, typically earning a proportion of the damages recovered. The funding can be used to provide cashflow on a monthly basis, designed for the specific requirements of the underlying case type. We provide innovative and bespoke solutions, where the funding terms can be based on either a case-by-case or portfolio basis.

IVS funds a range of case types with strong prospects for success, which can be assessed by way of a recognised track record or a well-established precedent. Diligence focusses on a set of qualifying criteria which, with the support of a legal opinion, can establish the prospects of success and enable the funding of hundreds or thousands of cases in a portfolio.

IVS will structure a flexible financing solution that can be applied to cases irrespective of size, sector or jurisdiction.

Examples of funded case types include pension transfer matters, German diesel emissions cases and financial mis-selling cases.

Diligence activities including in-house quantum assessment capabilities

The IVS team supports the due diligence work that we perform across Augusta’s book of claims, including where applicable by taking an individual approach to assessing quantum and recoverability prospects for each case. IVS considers economic and valuation issues to identify the key variables which may impact the amount claimants are ultimately entitled to recover.

This diligence improves the likelihood of claimants achieving excellent settlements as well as providing investors with relevant and detailed information regarding the value and risk of investments, bridging the knowledge gap, and ensuring access to justice for a wider pool of claimants.

We find that Claimants appreciate receiving our insights on quantum and recoverability at the early stages of the dispute. Our recoverability assessments allow us to offer claimants funding terms which reflect the specific characteristics and risk profile of their case. Early quantum assessments also assist Claimants in their decision of which claims to pursue and to manage expectations about the amounts they can reasonably expect to recover.

Investment, Valuation and Structuring Team

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