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Competition litigation is designed to help victims of anti-competitive behaviour, either by recovering damages or protecting their commercial interests through private enforcement. Our Competition Litigation Department specialists are highly regarded and service the private enforcement of competition/antitrust law in the UK, across the EU and beyond.

At Augusta, we absorb the cost and risk of complex competition litigation cases and provide non-recourse funding. Our capital investment is tied to the successful outcome of the case, so if the case is lost you don’t owe anything.

We are a committed and long-term funding partner with immediately available capital that can be provided at any stage and used to pay legal fees and expenses, or for entirely different business purposes.

Claim types include:

  • Follow-on damages claims
  • Standalone damages claims
  • ‘Hybrid’ damages claims (e.g. claims combining follow-on and standalone elements)
  • Cartel damages claims
  • Abuse of dominance claims
  • State aid damages claims
  • Collective Actions

Recent Experience

  • Follow-on damages claims in several EU jurisdictions, arising from the EC’s settlement infringement decision in respect of a cartel of truck manufacturers.
  • Claims pursued against Mastercard and Visa arising from alleged unlawful interchange fees.

Competition Team

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