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We invest in Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) and commercial arbitration cases. We fund legal fees, tribunal costs and disbursements on a non-recourse basis, in return for a success fee paid out of any award or settlement.

We have experience of cases seated around the world, under a wide range of local and international laws and administered (or not) under the majority of arbitral rules.

Arbitration can be uniquely tailored to the parties and project. We aim to deliver a similarly bespoke funding solution.

Recent Experience

  • Multi-billion dollar investor state dispute regarding oil and gas assets, ICSID arbitration.
  • £20m+ ICSID bilateral investment treaty, regarding investment losses for a major international construction company.
  • £8m claim regarding breach of covenants in LCIA arbitration seated in London.
  • Multi-million dollar claim seeking compensation for unpaid invoices, ICC arbitration seated in London, governed by French law.
  • Multi-million dollar ICC seated arbitration for breach of shareholder agreement by wrongful dilution of shareholding involving French law.
  • Multi-million pound claim for failed payments of ship management fees and wrongful termination of agreements involving five vessels, seated in London with LMAA arbitration rules.

International Arbitration Team

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