Litigation funding is a powerful tool for law firms. At Augusta, we take on the risk and provide the capital to fund cases, so you are able to focus on clients, invest in growth and expand your practice. Our extensive in–house disputes experience means we understand the pressures involved in managing cases. We are able to process a high volume of claims and respond quickly, offering insight and innovative solutions to give you a competitive edge.


Dispute funding makes commercial and strategic sense for businesses. Legal disputes can be expensive with unpredictable results which often leads to businesses not pursuing claims and missing out on the opportunity to monetise a potential asset. At Augusta, we provide efficient, tailor-made funding solutions that allow you to remove the risk and cost of legal spend from your balance sheet and free up cashflow, transforming your legal department from a cost centre to a notional profit source. Our funding not only signals to the market and your opponent that you are in an advantageous position with a strong case, but it will also help you to secure the legal team that you want.


Litigation funding enables access to justice for all, not simply for those defendants with deep pockets. It enables you to seek the legal expertise you need to resolve your dispute. You are not priced out of seeking a fair result and the fact that the loan is non-recourse means that the risk of the litigation becomes ours and not yours. We will meet your lawyer's fees and also put in place After The Event insurance to meet your opponent’s costs, should you lose.


When a case is introduced to us, a high level legal and economic analysis is undertaken. If the analysis is positive, we will then provide indicative commercial terms (term sheet).

Upon acceptance of the funding terms, we will enter into a period of exclusivity during which we complete our diligence review of the claim. We will conduct an in-depth assessment of the merits of the matter, along with the lawyer’s strategy for the successful resolution. We will require a detailed budget to be prepared, which we will stress test to ensure it is both realistic and proportionate. The estimated damages will be assessed, and we will also take steps to satisfy ourselves that the counterparty is creditworthy or has sufficient assets located in a jurisdiction where enforcement will be feasible.

Once the in-depth assessment has been carried out, the claim will be submitted to our weekly Investment Committee for approval. Upon approval and execution of finance documents, the funding is deployed to the lawyer’s client account. Continued assistance is provided by a dedicated Investment Manager to ensure that we are able to respond swiftly to all case developments and ensure we support the case to ultimate conclusion.

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