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8 May 2020 marked the 3rd anniversary of Augusta Australia. It’s been an exciting time for litigation funding in Australia.  We are proud of our achievements including the relationships we have built and our market recognition in the Australian market. We thank our clients for their ongoing support and look forward to continued success in the future.

The Australian team celebrated the 3rd anniversary with a ‘virtual lunch’ via zoom, where a fun time was had by all.  It was great to hear about everyone’s favourite local restaurants, now doing great takeaways, both signs of the current (COVID-19) times. Thanks to all the staff for their hard work and in making our past 3 years a great success.

From top left to right – Andie Lovegrove, May Yang, David Cocker, Vicki Cations, Sarah Adams, Michael Taggart, Catherine Campbell, Zac Low, Neill and Mira Brennan, Anne-Marie Ahlstrom, Susanna Khouri, Kevin Ngo.

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