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Leigh Day and Mbuyisa Moleele recently published a powerful press release regarding the Anglo American lead poisoning case in South Africa, evidencing years of neglect towards the women and children of Kabwe, now backed up by renowned medical and environmental experts. Claimants are currently seeking approval from the Johannesburg High Court to proceed with class action against Anglo American.


The Kabwe case is a significant one in the fight for corporate accountability in respect of human rights. The class action issued in South Africa against Anglo America South Africa Ltd seeks not only compensation for these poisoned children and women but also the establishment of a blood lead level screening system for children and pregnant women but also a cleanup and remediation of the area to ensure the future health and prosperity of the Kabwe community. It is also hoped that supporting cases such as Kabwe sends a clear message in respect of corporate social responsibility. The interests of big business can no longer be pursued with scant regard for the human rights and well-being of people and/or communities in different parts of the world.

View press release and the official Children of Kabwe Website.

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